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"This cold has exceeded our expectations and given us grapes of a quality we rarely see"

Franz Mittelbach

Ice wine harvest

December 2023

In the bitter cold of a December night, when the thermometer fell well below -10 degrees, we, as one of the largest ice wine producers in the country, experienced the highlight of the year: the ice wine harvest.

This extraordinary event, which can only take place under special climatic conditions of below -7 degrees, was of particular importance this year.

The unusually low temperatures were a rarity that gave us the opportunity to carry out an ice wine harvest that will go down in the history of our winery. The cold played a decisive role in harvesting the grapes in almost perfect condition, resulting in a grape quality that exceeded even our high expectations. Franz Mittelbach, the manager of our winery, emphasized the uniqueness of the situation: "This cold has given us grapes of a quality that we have rarely seen before."

The sugar levels of the grapes reached a remarkable 31 KMW, a sign of the exceptional sweetness and concentration that will characterize this year's ice wine. With a harvest of over 9000 liters, we once again confirm our status as one of the most important ice wine producers. The upcoming cellar work, in which these excellent grapes will be processed into ice wine, promises to be a particularly joyful and satisfying task due to the exceptional quality.

Ice wine production is a rare and precious endeavour that is increasingly challenged by climate change. However, this year we were fortunate to have the perfect conditions to produce an ice wine that will undoubtedly be one of the standout vintages. We are proud to continue to offer our customers an ice wine that not only captures the essence of our winery, but is also a testament to the hard work and passion we put into every drop.

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