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The best of VIEVINUM 2024 in a nutshell!

 Discover the best of our wine variety at VIE VINUM 2024. This hand-picked selection was particularly highlighted and enthusiastically tasted by the audience at this year's wine fair in the Hofburg.


 2 x Riesling von den Terrassen Kremstal DAC 2023 (13.5% vol.)

 - A powerful, mineral-driven Riesling that impresses with its structure and depth.

 2 x Grüner Veltliner Ried Schnabel Kremstal DAC 2023 (13.0% vol.)

 - The classic, fruity and well-balanced grape variety from our “cellar vineyard”, which inspires with elegance and freshness.

 1 x Gelber Muskateller Qualitätswein 2023 (12.0% vol.)

 - An intensely floral Muscat that impresses with its aromatic profile and freshness.

 1 x Eiswein Grüner Veltliner 2023 (9.5% vol.)

 - A dessert ice wine with a sweet and fruity structure that is the perfect end to any meal.

 These four wines offer something special for every white wine lover. From the powerful Riesling to the classic Grüner Veltliner, the floral Muskateller to the exquisite dessert ice wine - this package perfectly summarizes our highlights of VIEVINUM 2024 and offers an extraordinary taste experience.

VIE VINUM Wine Adventure 2024

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